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CROFTON BIKE DOCTOR OPTIONAL APPOINTMENT PROCESS: We love to ride as much as you do and understand that it can be frustrating to not have your bike. We work hard to accommodate everyone’s needs to have their bike, however during certain times this is not possible. We require your bike to be brought in to secure a slot on the service schedule. If, instead of leaving the bike with us, you would prefer to bring your bike back in closer to when the work is scheduled, we require a $30 Appointment deposit. Unfortunately we needed to move in this direction due to the numerous times people had scheduled their appointments and not come in. This caused scheduling issues, a reduction in productivity and wasn’t fair to those who left their bikes here. HOW IT WORKS: Bring your bike in so we can give you an accurate estimate and make sure we have any parts required to do the work. A $30 deposit is placed for the work to be performed on your bike and we will schedule your bike for the first available slot. Your bike MUST then be here by 11AM on the day the work is to be performed. We will perform the work and call you when your bike is ready. Your $30 deposit will be applied to your bill, any remaining amount will be refunded as a store credit. If your bike is not here by 11AM the day the work is scheduled you will lose your deposit and your scheduled service slot. We highly recommend that you bring your bike in to schedule an appointment so that we can look it over to see exactly what work needs to be completed. That way if we need to order parts we can have them here when your appointment is scheduled.
Delivery of your new bicycle to your home or office. Please call us about delivery options outside the displayed area. Delivery fees are not refundable. Your new bicycle will be delivered by one of our technicians fully assembled and ready to ride. All of the accessories you purchased with your order will be installed and ready to use.
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