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Most of our saddles come with a comfort guarantee currently.

***We have paused the test ride program at this time until we review and revamp it.***

Saddle comfort is one of the most important areas of bicycle fit there is. The right saddle can make all the difference in the world, leading to more comfort, longer rides and more power to your pedal stroke. We know that finding the perfect saddle for your ride can sometimes result in needing to try multiple saddles so we developed our Saddle Test Ride Program.

How does it work?

Choose one of the saddles from our extensive test ride program and we will fit and mount it  to your bike. Then head out and ride your favorite routes on your new saddle for the next month to make sure it is a perfect fit. If the fit is less than perfect come on back and select another saddle. When we find the perfect saddle for you we will mount your new saddle to your ride.

How much does it cost?

The Demo Program is a refundable fee at MSRP, which allows you to take the ‘TEST’ saddle home for a month. If the saddle works out for you come back and we’ll swap the ‘TEST’ saddle for a new one. If you decided the saddle is not right for you we will refund your purchase minus the demo fee of $15.

The demo fee covers the labor of a switching out the saddles while maintain proper saddle height. 

Some of the saddles in our Saddle Test Ride Program: Bontrager, Cobb, Fizik and WTB.