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Bicycle Service

We service ALL makes and models.

Servicing bicycles is at the heart of what we do. Keeping your bicycle running smoothly for all of your cycling adventures is important. Our mechanics are ready to help. They'll learn about your cycling and bicycle and make recommendations for your specific needs.

Bicycle Cassette and Spokes


Bike Doctor of Crofton employs a staff of professionally trained mechanics to perform world-class service on your bike. We offer a full range of bicycle repair and assembly services. Whether you need work on your child’s bike, a BMX bike, or your pro level racer, we have the knowledge, skills, and tools to service your bike. Our mechanics love bikes and that love is reflected in the work that they perform.

No appointment is necessary to have your bicycle serviced.

1. Bring your bike in at your convenience.

2.  Our Technicians will help you determine the appropriate service for your bicycle and provide a no-charge written estimate.

3. Agree on the work to be preformed and schedule your bike for our first available slot if the services can not be done while you wait.

If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact a Technical Center Representative today. 410.451.6901

We try to do as much work as possible the same day, but certain services require a little longer. 


Service for your bike is offered a la carte or you can take advantage of one of our Tech Center Packages. Our two most popular packages are our Tune-Up or a complete overhaul for your bicycle with the Spring Cleaning.

Tune-Up $94.99

Our most popular service gets your bike ready for a season of riding with a complete inspection and adjustment of all of your bicycles systems.

  • Complete safety inspection
  • Adjust front and rear derailleur
  • Adjust front and rear brakes
  • True wheels, adjust all bearing surfaces
  • Lubricate drive train and all external moving parts

Tune-Up Plus $179.99

Remove dirt and grime from the most critical areas of your bicycle.

  • Preform our Tune-Up Service, adding a drive train cleaning.
  • Remove crank, cassette, chain and rear derailleur clean and reinstall

Spring Cleaning - $299.99 Rim Brake -  $359.99 Hydraulic Disc Brake

A complete overhaul and service of your bicycle to prepare it for another great year of riding. With this service we completely disassemble your bike, clean it, reassemble it and service it.

  • Disassemble the bicycle and clean the components and frameset
  • Complete safety inspection
  • Repack the hubs, bottom bracket and headset
  • Perform a full bicycle tune-up
  • We recommend new handlebar tape with this service (no additional labor - parts not included)
  • A great time to replace cables and housing as needed. (no additional labor - parts not included)
  • Bleed both brakes for bikes with hydraulic brakes. (Slightly more for bicycles with hydraulic brakes.) 


Service Packages are available on most makes and models of bicycles but not all. 


We love to ride as much as you do and understand that it can be frustrating to not have your bike. We work hard to accommodate everyone’s needs to have their bike, however during certain times this is not possible. We require your bike to be brought in to secure a slot on the service schedule. If, instead of leaving the bike with us, you would prefer to bring your bike back in closer to when the work is scheduled, we require a $30 Appointment deposit. Unfortunately we needed to move in this direction due to the numerous times people had scheduled their appointments and not come in. This caused scheduling issues, a reduction in productivity and wasn’t fair to those who left their bikes here.

HOW IT WORKS: Bring your bike in so we can give you an accurate estimate and make sure we have any parts required to do the work. A $30 deposit is placed for the work to be performed on your bike and we will schedule your bike for the first available slot. Your bike MUST then be here by 11AM on the day the work is to be performed. We will perform the work and call you when your bike is ready. Your $30 deposit will be applied to your bill, any remaining amount will be refunded as a store credit. If your bike is not here by 11AM the day the work is scheduled you will lose your deposit and your scheduled service slot.