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Bicycle Fitting Services

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Full Fitting Descriptions Below

Our Philosophy

Your body is unique and so is your riding position. Our professionally trained fitters will learn about your riding styles and work with you to find a comfortable safe riding position.
No matter your preferred type of riding, recreational, enthusiast, racing, being comfortable on your bicycle is critical. We look forward to working with you. 

"During every fit we strive to meet the individual cyclists goals and needs. We achieve

 this by adjusting the bike while focusing 

on balance, power and comfort."

Nothing is more important than riding a properly fit bicycle. Fit is the most important part of our process when we help you select the perfect bike. Just like you wouldn’t wear an uncomfortable pair of shoes, you shouldn’t ride an improperly fit bicycle. A common misconception is that bicycle fitting is just for the professional cyclist and that absolutely is not true. Whatever your purpose for riding is, a properly fit bike is essential and will increase not only the fun you have riding but your comfort as well. Whether you have a road bike, mountain bike, or hybrid bicycle, a properly fit bike will make a big difference. We even work with children to make sure they are riding a bike that is safe and comfortable for them.

We have a range of fitting tools that we use in determining your ideal bicycle frame size, geometry and position. Some of the tools we use in our fit process, along with our years of experience fitting customers on their bicycles, are the Fit Kit and our certification in the Trek Bicycle Fit System. Ernest has been fitting bicycles since the early nineties, and we have over 40 years of bicycle fit experience among all our staff members. We utilize the F.I.S.T. fitting protocol from Slowtwitch for fitting triathletes and those who specialize in time trialing. We will use our years of experience and all the tools at our disposal to place you on the perfect bike for your riding style.

We ensure that all of our customers are riding a perfectly fit bike so that they have a great experience every time they ride.

Call us today to set up an appointment so you can start riding your perfect bicycle tomorrow!




Fit Kit System

Our fit specialists utilize Fit Kit measuring tools and software to get you started with a safe, developmental starting position. We utilize the Fit Kit tools to take the individual cyclist's unique body measurements. This information, along with a rider interview about your riding plans, allow us to develop a starting top tube and stem combination, saddle height, crank length and handlebar drop. This information provides us a great starting position to further refine the rider's position.

Biomechanical Road Fit

This fit refines the Fit Kit System further offering the cyclist a more refined and efficient position. Our fit specialist assesses your fit on the bicycle and refines it, incorporating your feedback to perfect your position. The fit specialist looks at and adjusts cleat alignment, saddle height, saddle position (fore and aft), and handlebar position (reach and drop) as needed to offer you your most comfortable ride ever. (This fit is for bikes without aero bars.) Fee: $150 - $75 with new bike purchase

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Biomechanical Road Fit with Cleat and Pedal

Included in this fit is everything in our Biomechanical Road Fit with the additional time for the cleat and pedal interface. The fitter will address any issue involved with this interface. This fit is recommended for cyclists who are experiencing pain in their feet or shoes. Fee: $200 - $125 with new bike purchase (included with bike purchase of $1500 or more)

Schedule Biomechanical Road Fit with cleat pedal

Motion Capture Biomechanical Fit

Everything our Biomechanical Road Fit includes but we utilize motion capture to dial in your fit even more and to capture discrepancies the human eye cannot. Fee: $300

Schedule Motion Capture Fit

Triathlon Biomechanical Fit

This fit is very similar to the Biomechanical Road Fit but is for cyclists who have aero bars on their bicycle. In addition to everything that the fit specialist does on the Biomechanical Road Fit, the fit specialist looks at your position in the aero bars as well. Here they assess and make changes as needed to handlebar position, aero bar position and other reference points for an aero fit. The specialist utilizes the concepts from F.I.S.T. and their seminars with John Cobb of Cobb Cycling. Fee:$250

F.I.S.T. Fit

"There are two ways a bike fit can be executed. It can be imposed on the athlete by the fitter, or the fitter can artfully enable a process by which the rider self-selects his position. The FIST system endorses the latter methodology, for a pair of reasons." from the FIST web-site. (

This fitting methodology was designed with the triathlete and time trialist in mind. The F.I.S.T. protocol believes that there is no one correct position for every rider, as each rider is unique. Instead there is a range that corresponds to the individual cyclist. Through the fitting process the cyclist and the fit specialist find the best position for the cyclist within that range. Once that position is determined, the fitter further refines the riders position to maximize performance, efficiency and comfort. Fee: $350

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New Bicycle Fitting

Included with your bicycle purchase is a basic fitting. In this fitting we apply your Fit Kit Measurements to your bike, confirm saddle height, saddle position fore and aft, reach and a visual inspection. If your measurements were taken prior to delivery of your new bicycle we likely have applied them to your bicycle prior to you picking it up. This service is for bicycles already purchased from us. Please stop by for assistance and sizing for a new bike purchase. Fee: None 

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Rotational Adjustment Device

Our fit specialists can utilize Rotational Adjustment Devices or RAD's to align the cleats for any cyclists that purchase or use clipless pedal systems on their bicycles. This tool helps the fitter determine your natural rotational gait while pedaling your bicycle.

 If one does not adjust the cleats in a clipless pedal system correctly, the leg will still want to rotate to its natural position, but the cleat-pedal mechanism will prevent it, which can cause rotational stresses on the knee, hip or ankle. These repeated stresses may lead to injury. Fee: $60

Dynamic Saddle Height with Measurement

Included with this fit is saddle height measurement, saddle height is set and then check while you are pedaling your bicycle on an indoor trainer. Fee: $40

Schedule Dynamic Saddle Height w/measurement

Bontrager Insole

The Crofton Bike Doctor fit specialists utilize Bontrager insoles for lower leg alignment. A leg and foot that are properly aligned will transfer more power directly from your body to the pedal. You will be more efficient in using your body's power and be able to ride longer, in greater comfort and efficiency.  We have seen insoles solve lots of cyclists' foot issues in the shoe.


The right or wrong saddle can make or break a great ride. We have several tools at our disposal to help you find the perfect saddle, including Bontrager's inForm fit measurement process, Fizik's Spine Concept and our Saddle Test Ride program. Learn more about the Saddle Test Ride Program here.