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Bike Doctor Care

At Crofton Bike Doctor, our commitment to quality products and superior customer service extends far beyond the initial sale. As a means of demonstrating our commitment to you, every new bicycle purchased comes with Bike Doctor Care.

Included in the First Year of Bike Doctor Care:

• Front and Rear Brake adjustments*

• Front and Rear Derailleur adjustments*

• Safety Check

• Tire Inflation

(*These adjustments apply to OEM (Original Equipment) parts and accessories only. If modifications are made to the initial specifications of the bicycle, the standard service charge will apply to that particular adjustment.) After the first year of Bike Doctor Care has passed, we will perform the safety check and tire inflation for free for the life of your bike. All other services will be charged at the standard shop rate.

The safety check includes ensuring that the quick releases are secure, checking the tightness of the handlebar and stem, inflation of the tires while inspecting their overall tread quality, a visual inspection to determine that the brakes are in proper working order, visually confirming that both wheels appear round and true, affirming that the saddle and seat post are tight, and visually checking the derailleur hanger alignment. Aside from tightening the bolts and inflation of the tires, no brake, gear, or other adjustments will be made as part of the safety check.

If your bicycle has a mechanical malfunction within the first two weeks from the date of purchase, we guarantee that the bike will be fixed and returned to you promptly. (This is dependent on parts availability). If you need service any time after those two weeks, you will be put into the regular service queue for those adjustments.

Extended Test Ride Program

Often we hear how you are enjoying riding your new bicycle so much that you wish you had purchased an upgraded model or sometimes you learn that you prefer a different style of riding. Whatever the case may be we want to make sure you have the perfect bike. That's why you have 30 days to make sure your bike is the right style or model. If it's not just return the bike with your original sales receipt and we'll give you a 100% exchange value.

(Bike should be in reasonable condition for the type of intended riding for that thirty day period. Not available on CLOSEOUT models.) 

Buy With Confidence Ride With Confidence

You want to be riding your bicycle. Not becoming a bicycle expert prior to purchase. As your bicycle experts we'll help you select the best bicycle or products for your use. You’ll find our staff fully trained and knowledgeable about each and every product we sell. Being experienced riders ourselves, we will gladly assist you in your buying decisions. In addition to everything else, we offer a FREE Bike Basics Course, which explains essential safety and repair issues you’ll need to ride  with confidence. 

The Right Information

You'll want to start to enjoy your new bicycle right away. You'll leave the store with plenty of information on where to start enjoying your new bike. You'll learn all the great places to ride and have information on all the local rides and clubs, so you can take part in the area's best events.

Get the Right Fit

Your comfort on a bicycle begins with a properly fit bicycle. Every bike that we carry is anatomically proportioned to its rider's size and intended use. We'll check and adjust saddle height, foot, leg and arm position for maximum comfort and efficiency in our Fit Center. Ask us about the other Fitting Services we offer.

Free Pro-Assembly

Proper assembly of your bicycle is essential to your bicycle preforming its best. Your bicycle will never be delivered to you unassembled in a big, brown box. It will be fully assembled, fine-tuned and customized in our Tech Center by Tech Center Technicians. To ensure a smooth ride your new bike is checked and re-checked before it goes home with you.

Youth Trade Up Program

Kids grow and it should be easy to make sure your child is riding a properly sized and safe bicycle. When you buy a new youth bike (24” wheel or less)  from  Crofton Bike Doctor we’ll give you up to 40% back of the original purchase price, in trade, when you’re ready to buy their next bike. This offer is good up to three years after the original bike purchase and is valid on trade-in for a larger bike. Just bring us the original sales receipt  and  your child’s old bike in reasonable, rideable condition. 

Enhanced Warranty Coverage

On the rare occassion a warranty should occur we will cover most expenses not covered by warranty for bicycles purchased from us. Such as installation and shipping expenses. This applies to original items that are approved and supplied for replacement by the manufacturer under their warranty policies.