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Bicycle Tire Flat Prevention

By Ernest Freeland - May 9, 2024

Flat tires are not fun but there are a few things you can do to limit the possibility of getting one.

Best Practices to Prevent Flat Tires

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Bicycle Cleaning

By Ernest Freeland - April 14, 2024

Regular bicycle cleaning helps prevent dirt and grime buildup, which can lead to mechanical issues and premature wear on components. 

When your bicycle is kept clean it will improve its longevity and performance. Not only will your bicycle look better but also function better.

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Car Racks for Bicycles

By Ernest Freeland - April 7, 2024

A quality bicycle rack for your car is an essential accessory that makes transportation easier while ensuring the safety of both your vehicle and your bike. The process of carrying bikes is streamlined, with a good bicycle rack providing secure attachment points that prevent damage to your car's exterior and your bicycles.  Continue Reading

Carbon Bicycle Wheels

By Ernest Freeland - April 6, 2024

Upgrading to carbon wheels on a road bike can offer several significant benefits, enhancing both performance and aesthetics. Carbon wheels are known for their lightweight construction, and you’ll immediately notice increased performance. Continue Reading

Cool Weather Cycling Tips

By Ernest Freeland - February 14, 2024

Cold or cooler weather doesn’t mean that your riding stops. There are lots of good reasons to continue riding. That is a topic for another article. Here are tips for riding in cooler temperatures, or colder temperatures.

Bike Related Tips

Riding in cooler weather can create more wear and tear on your bicycle. Lubricating your chain more frequently will help increase its life, especially if you are riding in more adverse conditions. Utilizing a heavier chain lube will last longer and keep your chain running smoother. There generally seems to be more road debris and general dirt on the roads in the cooler months. As a result, here are a few recommendations: Continue Reading

Become a VeloJester

By Ernest Freeland - January 31, 2024

Hark, noble cyclist, gather 'round and lend me thine ears, for I present to thee the mirthful and spirited VeloJester!

Introducing our VeloJester, a passionate cycling enthusiast and brand ambassador who embodies the spirit of two-wheeled adventures. As a VeloJester, your primary mission is to share the profound joy of cycling, acting as a catalyst to inspire others to embrace the world of biking. Your journey, both the triumphs and challenges, becomes a narrative that resonates with fellow cyclists. 

Our expectations are simple: be authentic, share your cycling experiences throughout the year, and let your unique personality shine through. We want you to connect with your audience in a way that feels natural and genuine, whether it's through storytelling, photos, or videos. As a VeloJester, you'll have the flexibility to choose the content and format that best reflects your cycling lifestyle. Continue Reading

Child Bicycle Seats vs Child Bicycle Trailers

By Ernest Freeland

Cycling is a great family activity and bringing your child along with you just adds to the fun! There are two primary options. A child seat, or a child trailer. 

Read on to learn which of these two options are the best for your family and your cycling style. Learn more about child seats versus child trailers.

Year in Review - Cycling Clothing Review

By Ernest Freeland

Updated from the original blog on


Cycling Short Inspection

Do you have some shorts that aren’t quite as comfortable as others? Maybe they work for shorter rides but not the longer rides. Cycling shorts do wear out. Chamois breaks down and leads to less support and even chaffing. 

How you clean and care for your shorts greatly affects their life span. The most expensive shorts are designed to last five years or so but the average short has a year and a half to three year lifespan depending on the amount of riding you do. Once you start to hit six or seven thousand miles of riding, you’ll see short wear on even the most expensive shorts. Entry level shorts will not last this long. Frequent riding, even much shorter rides how you clean the shorts could reduce the life of the shorts. Wear a pair four or more days a week and you still may see lifespan issues at a year and a half or so. Learn more about cycling clothing.

Year in Review - Accessory Review

By Ernest Freeland

Updated from the original blog on

You’ve checked over your bike now it is time to check over your accessories.

Do you have everything you need in one in place? Can you find everything?

All of your cycling gear in one place makes it easy for when you want to ride. I’ve arrived to a ride missing something and it is no fun. It reduces stress on ride days knowing everything is in one place a ready to. Let's learn more about accessory reviews.

Year in Review - Equipment Review

By Ernest Freeland

Updated from the original blog on

Having a ride destroyed because of a mechanical issue that could have been prevented is no fun. Preventative maintenance is your friend. Your bicycle will perform better, adding to your ride enjoyment, reducing hassles for you while saving you money from unexpected costly repairs. 

Before your first ride of the year, it is always a good idea to review your bike and accessories to make sure that everything is working properly and you have everything you need to enjoy your first ride of the year and those that follow. 

Pro Tip: Do this early in your off season if you have one. This will allow you to take advantage of the surprise nice weather days that pop up. Many local bike shops run winter service specials, saving you money. You’ll also avoid the spring rush of repairs at your local bike shop. Learn more about Equipment Review

Year in Review - Rides

By Ernest Freeland

Updated from the original blog on

Reflection is always a good thing. Whether you are reflecting to improve, make things easier or both. Learning from what we have already done makes what we want to do next easier. It is always a good thing to look back at the previous season or year of any activity and think about what worked and what didn’t work for you. Cycling is no different. A new year should mean new adventures and more fun. Learning and building on all of previous year(s) of cycling.

The next few blogs are going to help you do that. The goal is to make this year even more fun than last. Having things to look forward to makes it easier to stay motivated. I don’t know about you, but I always am happier and stay a little more focused when I know my next activity, event or vacation.

We recommend starting with a review and then creating your cycling plan for the year. Let's get started

Cycling Gift Guide

Do you become overwhelmed when you have to find a gift for that certain someone? Especially a cyclist. At Crofton Bike Doctor we’ve got you covered and are here to assist you.

Gift buying for the cyclist should never be a challenge. 

Pro Tip: We are just a phone call 410.451.6901 or visit away to assist you with any questions you have.

There are certain things a cyclist can never have enough of. Then there are the things the cyclists’ wants but often won’t treat themselves to. In many cases they simply aren’t aware of what they are missing by not having the item. Riding is much more enjoyable with the right items. Even getting to the trail is easier with the right accessories. Some gift items fall into both of the categories.

Having the right accessories can make all the difference in riding enjoyment.

Cyclists can be defined in many ways for simplicity we broke them into three groups and included a category for small gifts such as stocking stuffers’ office gifts or those for friends. Check out the Cycling Gift Guide

Kid Bike Buyers Guide

Everyone remembers their first bicycle ride and the feeling they had.

Selecting a bicycle for your child should be a fun and memorable experience.  Hopefully this Kid’s Bicycle Buyers Guide demystifies this process. Please reach out to us with any questions you may have.

Your child will enjoy riding their bike more if they feel they are in control of the bike and not the bike in control of them. When you purchase the next bike for your child please consider;

  • proper fit
  • proper assembly
  • and quality.

By considering the above items during your purchase you will be well on your way to finding a bike you and your child will love! Continue Reading