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On our Cue Sheets you will find two types.

The ones accessible directly off of the Cue Sheet menu are routes that have all been ridden by team members but not converted to a true Cue Sheet with mileage and turns. These are good tools to learn some of the great roads to ride.

The second type on this page are actual Cue Sheets we have created with mileage and turns. etc.

If you have a favorite route and Cue sheet please feel free to send it to us and we'll get it posted while crediting you.

As always please obey all the rules of the road when you are riding!

We will soon be adding GPS Routes to this page. If you have a favorite ride please send it along.

Queen Anne's County Cue Sheets

Queen Anne's County located on Maryland's Easstern Shore general offers flat riding and quiet country roads.

Routes from the Queen Anne's County Recreation page.

Kent Island Bike Trails - 28 Miles

Quiet Kent - 23.4 Miles

Grasonville Flatlands - 25.2 Miles

Centreville Central - 18.9 Miles

Tuckahoe and Farm Country - 17.9 Miles

Woods Wildlife and Water - 22 Miles

Smooth Upcountry Riding - 36.5 Miles

The Monster - 58.9 Miles