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BICYCLING FACTS - Reasons to ride.



  1. Promotes healthier lifestyles
  2. Lowers healthcare costs
  3. Strengthens family bonds
  4. Provides recreation outlet for youth
  5. Builds closer-knit communities


Bicycling is fun for everyone. Men and women, young and old-Americans all across the country enjoy this safe and healthy activity. Anyone can pedal at any pace. Bicycling is gentle and low-impact, making it an enjoyable, pain-free activity for everyone.


-         A bike ride a day… Just three hours of bicycling per week can reduce a person’s risk of heart disease and stroke by 50%. League of American Bicyclist

-         “Bicycling is a great way to be active and stay healthy. It’s an ideal low-impact activity that’s fun for people of all ages in communities across America” Melissa Johnson, Executive Director of the Presidents Council on Physical Fitness and Sports

-         87 million Americans ride bicycles

-         There are more bicyclists in the U.S. than skiers, golfers and tennis players combined.

-         Bike paths boost property values.

-         Bicycling is an inexpensive, convenient way to stay fit and healthy. A bike is 30 times less expensive to buy and maintain than a car

-         Bicycling improves quality of life. It gets you outside, relieves stress, makes you feel better, and creates a way to spend time with family and friends. Best of all, it’s convenient, flexible and free. Whether for recreation, transportation, or competition bicycling offers a lifetime of health and fun.



Information from Bikes Belong