Women's Basic Bike Class: We’ll teach you basic cycling techniques and road side repairs that will allow you to get the most out of your riding time. You'll learn some tips and tricks to increase the fun factor while you are out on your bike. There will also be a Q & A Session.

Cost: $20 All participants receive a $20 Gift Card at the end of the class.

All classes are from 7 - 8:30pm

Dates for Women's Basic Bike: TBA- Have a group of women that you would like a class for? Contact Ernest to schedule a class for your group!

Mechanics 101 for the New Bike Owner: This is the ideal class for the new bike owner or for the person who just wants to know a little more about how their bike works. You'll learn how to fix a flat tire, basic road side repair, and basic bike maintenance. Class space is limited to ten students per session.

Cost: $0

Dates for Mechanics 101: TBA REGISTER HERE

Mechanics 201: This class will cover all the basics that are used to adjust your bike and keep it properly running. We will cover such topics as gear and brake adjustments, basic wheel truing, gear wear on your chain, tires and cables and other items related to general maintenance. This class features a low teacher-to-student ratio. Class space is limited to eight students per session. 

Cost: $100 includes a book  as well as a generous discount on tools, work stands and lubricants purchased during the class.

Course Length: Three hours 

Dates for Mechanics 201: Sunday January 20th - 11AM - 2PM 

Note: Classes will be added as needed.

Register here for the classes.

Mechanics 301: Learn the Tips and Tricks from the Pro's. Mechanics 301 will deal with general installation of bicycle components. Installation of derailleurs, chains, headsets and bottom brackets will be covered along with Bar Wrapping. This class is limited to four students since it is very hands on. Course material will be customizable somewhat by the participants.  Group Discounts Available for three or more students. We also offer one on one classes as well as off-site classes please contact us for more information.

Cost: $75 as well as a discount on tools and lubricants purchased during the class.

Course Length: Three Hours

Prerequisite: Mechanics 201

Dates for Mechanics 301: Sunday February 3rd 11AM - 2PM

Class will be confirmed once we have two registered participants. Note: Classes will be added as needed.

Register here for the classes.

 MORE INFORMATION: call 410.451.6901 or via e-mail.