Rider Specializations

Most cyclists have an area that they are specialists in. Their are the sprinters who charge towards the finish lines at incredible speeds for the last few meters to take the glory of victory. There are the climbers who dance over the hills making it look almost effortless at times. Then there is the rider who excels at the true test the individual time trial, fast and aero as they race against the clock to post the fastest time of the day.

Learn a little more about these riders below as described by Coach Mike Matney our coaching partner at Crofton Bike Doctor. You will often find Coach Mike in the store leading an indoor cycling class or teaching a seminar.

Rider specializations:

The sprinter

The individual time trialist

The climber

Want to improve your cycling skills to become a specialist in your area of choice? Endurance Training is a key part of that, learn a little bit more here.