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While having a great bike is important having the right accessories is essential to your riding enjoyment. The right accessories will really improve the riding fun factor. There is nothing worse then when you realize you really need something and you don't have it. We've broken the accessories down into two categories - Essential Accessories and Frequent Flyer Accessories.

  Essential Accessories

    Helmet - need we say more? SHOP

Bell or horn - be heard, clear a path. Having a sound device on your bicycle is required by Maryland Law. SHOP

Hydration - stay hydrated, ride longer SHOP

Gloves - protect your hands SHOP

Floor Pump - for proper tire pressure. Avoid flates and check your tire pressure and inspect your tires before every ride. SHOP

ID - with important information


 Frequent Flyer Checklist

          Fix a Flat Kit - never walk home again          
 Cycling shorts - ride longer SHOP
Shoes - clip in, go faster SHOP
Sun glasses - No bugs! No glare! SHOP

Cycling computer - track performance.  SHOP

Chain lubricant - maximize your investment  SHOP

Lock - secure your investment. SHOP

Car Rack - reach more riding destinations. SHOP